Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Torture in the US

Samantha Johnson
Dr. Bergman 
Modern US History 
2 May 2017 
Who Should Have the Rights?
I disagree, I believe that US citizens and non-citizens should be treated differently due to the fact that they hold a different relationship with regards to the United States. I believe that these two different categories should be treated differently due to the fact that United States citizens possess different rights due to their status as a citizen that non-citizen do not possess. Furthermore, giving non-citizens the rights that citizens possess diminishes the meaning of being a citizen. I believe that currently the line is very blurred between cruel/punishing treatment and torture and that there should be specific standards that are set and followed. These standards of punishment should be: 1. This form of punishment should only be used as a final resort after other methods have been used for a minimum of 6 months (exceptions may be granted by the board) 2. It does not drop the inmates resting heart rate below 45 bmp 3. It should not result in the damaging of a inmates organs 4. regular psych evaluations must be given 5. the subject of the punishment should not continue to be punished if said psych exam is failed. Overall, I believe that citizens should have the protection under the constitution and the Geneva Convention and therefore should not be subject to this harsh treatment, however I do not believe that non-citizen should have these rights. I believe that there should be a panel that consists of respected members of the community that would make these decisions. I do not believe that one person should be allowed to make these decisions, due to the fact that they may institute prejudice. I believe that this panel should consist of members who have lived a life that has benefited the community and others and have served as good role models for an American citizen. 

The members of my family who I have discussed this with hold similar views. They too believe that these rights should only be possessed by American citizens. Furthermore, they also believe that torture within these guidelines is acceptable, due to the fact that the marginal benefit exceeds to the marginal cost. My family, consisting mainly of economics, always weighs decisions based upon this topic, when deciding weather or not to do something calculate your marginal cost and your marginal benefit. If one's marginal cost exceeds the marginal benefit, do not do it. If one's marginal benefit exceeds the magical cost then, do it. My family believes that the marginal benefit exceeds the magical cost due to the fact that the entire United States population is benefiting by isolating and obtaining information from these detainees and the marginal cost is the pain that less then 40 detainees undergo. Furthermore, they also agree that a panel not a single person should decided the guidelines for the treatment of these detainees to determine that it is fair and not unjust. On the other hand, my family members disagreed with who this council should consist of. They believed that it should consist of US citizens that hold an honorary military background so that they will understand the circumstances surrounding national security issues, hostage negotiations, and situations with detainees.  

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